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Synchronicity (Six Years Later)

My last post written for Takoda was on January 3rd, 2011. It always was my intention to write a final post, but just thinking about it triggered so many tears and I kept putting it off. So then every year as the anniversary of her last day rolled around I planned to write the rest of her story, and […]

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Tripawd Playdate!

Happy New Year! Takoda kicked of 2011 with a Tripawd Pawty. On New Year’s Day we met up with a tripawd Viszla mix named Otis and his 4-legged sister Violet for a playdate! Otis became a 3-legger after he was hit by a car as a puppy. He was rescued by Animal Lifeline of Iowa, a no-kill special […]

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Oh My Dog, where have I been??

Howl-o … it’s me Takoda writing this entry! So sorry we haven’t posted lately, but I’ve been busy getting back to normal! It’s been 4 months since my ampawtation, and I am doing quite well! Most my fur has grown back too. I’ve been so busy lately … here’s some highlights of the last few […]

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Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

Did you know that this is Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week? According to, the hardest pets to find homes for are: senior/older pets pets with medical problems victims of breed prejudice shy pets those who need to be the only pet Petfinder’s “Why Less Adoptable Pets Rule” makes me smile… Here are just […]

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Tripawds are popular!

I just got the latest issue (Fall 2010) of Modern Dog Magazine, and it has a 6-page feature called “Terrific Tripods! Three-legged Wonder Dogs”. Absolutely pawsome! The article features 6 tripawds wonderful stories and photos.  You can also read the article & see some of the photos on here. The Bark, my other favorite […]

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Labor Day at Gray’s Lake

One of my favorite places to walk dogs is a park called Gray’s Lake. We love the beautiful walking trail, beaches, and people enjoying outdoor activities from sailing to yoga to rollerblading. Of course we also love all the adorable dogs taking their owners for walkies and playing in the water. I have been there […]

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3-legged dogs have so much fun!

Takoda playing with her furbrother Catori on YouTube> Here’s Takoda last weekend practicing her pro wrestling skills with her furbrother Catori. Takoda says “Who needs 4 legs to have a good time?! Not me!“ I saw a beautiful white Shepherd tripawd having a good time at the local Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I also saw […]

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This is the story of our very special husky mix Takoda and her new three-legged life.

This chapter of our life together began one Thursday morning when Takoda suddenly began limping. Saturday morning the limp had not subsided, and we took her to the vet. The vet mentioned a few possible causes, worse case scenario being cancer. While the vet took Takoda in back for x-rays, we (Takoda’s human pawrents) looked […]

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