3-legged dogs have so much fun!

Watch Takoda play with her furbrother on YouTube
Takoda playing with her furbrother Catori on YouTube>

Here’s Takoda last weekend practicing her pro wrestling skills with her furbrother Catori. Takoda says Who needs 4 legs to have a good time?! Not me!

I saw a beautiful white Shepherd tripawd having a good time at the local Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I also saw two little huskies puppies that were adorable beyond measure! One was red and the other was black and white with blue eye, a little pink bandana, and expressions that were sooooo Takoda. I just stood and watched them a while. One found poop to sniff while the other climbed up in a wagon to lick a little kid’s face, which drew some “awwws” from the crowd. I was there dog-free (highly unusual!), but I got my dog and puppy fix anyway!

I don’t wanna move
I’ll just sit here in my living room and
See what’s on the tube
While I’m hanging out with you …

People pressing my flesh, taking my time
They don’t know a thing about my life with you
I’m trying real hard – it’s hard not to care
‘Cause all I ever really want to do
Is sit around doing nothing with you, because
Nothing’s only fun when you’re there …

I’m not lazy
I’m in love

–lyrics from Descendents, “Nothing With You”