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3-legged dogs have so much fun!

Watch Takoda play with her furbrother on YouTube
Takoda playing with her furbrother Catori on YouTube>

Here’s Takoda last weekend practicing her pro wrestling skills with her furbrother Catori. Takoda says Who needs 4 legs to have a good time?! Not me!

I saw a beautiful white Shepherd tripawd having a good time at the local Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I also saw two little huskies puppies that were adorable beyond measure! One was red and the other was black and white with blue eye, a little pink bandana, and expressions that were sooooo Takoda. I just stood and watched them a while. One found poop to sniff while the other climbed up in a wagon to lick a little kid’s face, which drew some “awwws” from the crowd. I was there dog-free (highly unusual!), but I got my dog and puppy fix anyway!

I don’t wanna move
I’ll just sit here in my living room and
See what’s on the tube
While I’m hanging out with you …

People pressing my flesh, taking my time
They don’t know a thing about my life with you
I’m trying real hard – it’s hard not to care
‘Cause all I ever really want to do
Is sit around doing nothing with you, because
Nothing’s only fun when you’re there …

I’m not lazy
I’m in love

–lyrics from Descendents, “Nothing With You”

7 thoughts on “3-legged dogs have so much fun!”

  1. I love the video! I am also glad that Takoda is doing so well!!!
    For the LONGEST time (9yrs) I had NO idea what breed mix my tripawd Chloe was until I saw your video. Your other Husky mix has nearly the same face and body shape/coloring as Chloe! Only my dog isn’t as fluffy. I guess Chloe is some sort of Husky mix too! We already determined she is part “goofball” but now I can say “Husky mix” instead of “I don’t know…” Thanks again for posting the videos!!
    -Chloe’s mom

  2. Takoda, you are mesmerizing!

    You saw a white Sheppie Tripawd? WoW! If you want some Tripawds cards to carry around with you and pass out, let us know OK?

  3. Thanks so much Jerry! We would LOVE to have some cards to pass out! That would be pawesome! Yup, the white shepherd was beautiful … we know of a gorgeous black and tan tripawd shepherd that got adopted from a local shelter recently too, hopefully someday we will run into him as well.

  4. Thanks Chloe and Chloe’s mom!

    Yes, Chloe looks like what we lovingly label as “Tori-Dogs” LOL! Tori-dogs are dogs that look like our Catori, sort of husky/shepherd/hound-ish and have the goofball attitude. I found your blog and from your description they sound quite a lot alike. He is a roo-er also! When we adopted him, he’d come to the shelter with a whole pack of littlemates and his previous owners said the mom was a Siberian Husky and the dad was a Ridgeback and “something else”. We are always guessing what the “something else” might be! But he seems to be pretty typical of a husky/hound type.

    Takoda is, best guess, Husky mixed with Border Collie or Cattle Dog. Catori is silly and energetic in bursts while Takoda is a little more serious and (used to be) go go go all the time!

  5. Oh wow, you are right! Catori sounds like Chloe alright! (both C names… guess they share more than just a similar name!) I always said Chloe was a hound mix because of her dipstick tail, her hunting instincts (LOVES the squeaker toy like no other, and has actually caught some opossums…), and her howling.

    However, her coloring didn’t match any hound breed I could find! Plus when we got her, the foster home said she was an Australian Cattle dog… Uh yeah we had one of those and Chloe looks nothing like that…We always knew what she wasn’t, but now we can say Husky/Hound/Tripawd/goofball mix!

    -Chloe’s mom

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