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Tripawds are popular!

Modern Dog MagazineI just got the latest issue (Fall 2010) of Modern Dog Magazine, and it has a 6-page feature called “Terrific Tripods! Three-legged Wonder Dogs”. Absolutely pawsome! The article features 6 tripawds wonderful stories and photos.  You can also read the article & see some of the photos on here.

The BarkThe Bark, my other favorite dog magazine, had an article in their last issue (Jun/Jul/Aug 2910: Issue 60, “Three-Legged Dogs” By Nick Trout, DVM. This article talked about a boxer who became a tripawd due to bone cancer, which was misdiagnosed first as an ACL injury (like Takoda). It brought me to tears (both happy and sad).

The Bark also had a great story in their Jul/Aug 2006: Issue 37 called “Three Legs to Stand On“. The cover dog is a tripawd and couldn’t be cuter! I read it the first time with great interest but of course no idea Takoda, then just 4-years old, would ever be a three-legger. I just dug this issue out and re-read it. It’s available online too here.

I also found a story and video on The Bark I hadn’t seen before: “Inspiration on Three Legs: An artist immortalizes his tripod in clay—and video“. Beautiful – well worth a watch and a read!

I saw Takoda position herself to scratch with her right side today and then she look somewhat frustrated. I called her over and gave her a good scritching and that seemed to work fine for her. Otherwise, things are going just fine!

6 thoughts on “Tripawds are popular!”

  1. Its good that tripawds are being represented!! Although I might have to write a letter to those magazines to inform them of their misspellings.

    If you pet Chloe just right (before amp), she used to get that kicking leg and made a funny. Now when you scratch her left side (where there is no back left leg) she gets an even funnier look on her face! I don’t do ithat particular rub often because I don’t know if it bothers her (funny to see though), but I do try to scratch her left side since she can no longer do so.

    Thanks for sharing!
    -Chloe’s mom

  2. Meant to say she made a funny face in that sentence that got cutoff… I was editing and didn’t reread to make sure I didn’t leave something out!

  3. these were all so great!! thanks for sharing – give takoda another scratch and a hug from us!!

    charon & gayle

  4. Let’s all write to Modern Dog! We’ve sent them press releases before but haven’t been able to get a blurb in their magazine. It’s a great piece but like Chloe’s Mom says, someone’s gotta teach them how to spell T R I P A W D!

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