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Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

Did you know that this is Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week? According to, the hardest pets to find homes for are:

  • senior/older pets
  • pets with medical problems
  • victims of breed prejudice
  • shy pets
  • those who need to be the only pet

Petfinder’s “Why Less Adoptable Pets Rule” makes me smile…

Here are just a few reasons we love “special” pets:

  • Older pets are mellower – you don’t have to worry about your lamp getting knocked over!
  • Physically challenged pets are often unaffected by their handicap – but you still look like a hero!
  • With “bad reputation” breeds, you get the chance to prove people wrong with your great dog!
  • Dark-furred pets make it easy to accessorize – black goes with everything!
  • Pets with behavioral issues allow you to form a tight bond as you overcome obstacles together!
  • Big dogs are easier to find when it’s time to go to the vet!

Takoda and I have the experience to back some of these claims up! When I adopted Takoda 8 years ago, she was a dark-furred behavioral mess with medical problems. We overcame these obstacles together, and she became an awesome dog – sweet, loving, sociable, athletic and adventurous. I couldn’t ask for a better companion.

Now, of course, she is also a senior pet with some new physical challenges. And I can tell you firsthand, pets do get sweeter with age!

Check out Petfinder’s Less Adoptable Pet Week page>

Since Takoda’s leg amputation in July I have started noticing the many tripawds out there looking for homes. I can’t say enough about how amazing tripawds are!

If you’re looking for a new pet this week or anytime, consider a “less adoptable”!

5 thoughts on “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week”

  1. thanks for putting this out there!!! they are all good, and all deserve a good life. we need to change the definition of ‘challenged’ to mean hidden potential. if we are willing to do the work on our end, our fur sisters and brothers will meet us and exceed our expectations.

    charon & gayle

  2. Someday when I am no longer a poor grad student, I KNOW I will be adopting “less adoptable” pets in the future. My experience with Tripawd Chloe (the “Tori” dog) has educated me far beyond what I could have imagined regarding 3 leggers.

    I have a feeling Chloe will be only the first in a long line of Tripawds that I will own…Kind of a sucker for the unique ones.

    -Chloe’s mom

  3. Bravo! Thank you for posting this impawtant service announcement! Like my Mom says, once you have a three legger, it’s hard to go back to a four pawed dog!

    P.S. Your Mom is a real saint for walking the talk and taking on a mature pup like yourself. We hope that articles like these will inspire more humans to take that leap of faith.

  4. It’s so true. All of my pets over the past 10 years were rescued “less adoptable” animals and I wouldn’t even want to imagine my life without them. Thanks for reminding people of how wonderful they are!

    Rachel (mother of blind Dusty, mature Odin, Spirit Tripawd Major, and Spirit “Bad Dog” Balou)

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